Get Involved with the Donahoe PTA

We are so excited about the many people who have already offered their time to help out the PTA. If you haven’t had a chance to get involved yet, please step up. As a volunteer, you build important connections with our students and teachers and show them how much you care about them and their school. Most importantly, educational research demonstrates that greater parental involvement leads to academic success. (And it’s fun!)

We’re always recruiting for new volunteers and we have volunteer opportunities for parents to help in every manner and time capacity. If you’ve got an hour, a day or months to spare, we’ve got an opportunity for you. We are here to help you help your school, and we will do our best to make volunteering fun!

If you have any questions, or want to get involved and aren’t sure of the best fit, contact Amy Bradshaw at donahoepta@hotmail.com.

Board and Committee Positions Available

The Donahoe PTA is looking for

volunteers for the below positions. 

  • President Elect 
  • 1st Vice President
  • (Membership)
  • 2nd Vice President (Ways and Means)
  • 3rd Vice President (Programs)
  • Reflections Chairperson    
  • Room Parents/Teacher Representatives
  • Teacher Appreciation/Hospitality
  • Yearbook
  • Field Day    
  • Greenhouse/Nature Trail/Habitat Chairperson

HCPS School Volunteer Form & Guidelines

From the HCPS Website: Information on the Background Checks for Volunteers

The safety and security of the school community is a top priority of Henrico County Public Schools. For your protection and that of the students and staff, the school system conducts a check with the National Sex Offender Public Website which includes the Virginia State Police “Registry of Sexual Offenders and Crimes against Minors” on all school personnel and volunteers. Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, especially an offense against a minor, may be disqualified from volunteering depending upon the nature of the offense and/or volunteer activity.We also ask that all volunteers adhere to the HCPS Volunteer Guidelines as posted below. For the referenced policy, visit their website 

The following responsibilities and expectations will apply to all HCPS volunteers:

1. Volunteer will operate only under the direct supervision of the principal or designee.
2. Volunteer must be willing to accept direction and supervision from school staff.
3. Volunteer may provide assistance to students as directed by the appropriate school supervisor but may not do
the work for students.
4. Volunteer must treat students with fairness, honesty, patience and kindness.
5. Volunteer must be courteous and respectful of students and staff.
6. Volunteer must be knowledgeable of classroom rules, practices and emergency procedures and familiar with
the Volunteer Guidelines and Code of Student Conduct.
7. Volunteer will report discipline issues to the appropriate staff member immediately.
8. Volunteer will respect the privacy of students and staff and will not divulge confidential information.
9. Volunteer may not bring any children when volunteering.
10. Volunteer agrees to follow Policy 4-06-013, “Information Technology,” regarding acceptable use of
​ technology.